A Story in Poems: Revenge


1 – Alice R.I.P

The day she died, they rolled their eyes, in melodramatic unison
They thought her act was selfish and they did not believe their involvement
They’d taunted her, throughout her life, with relentless melodies
Of how she was never good enough and was fully deserving of their cruelties.

Yet on that day, that Alice lay, within her coffin, serenely
They didn’t realise, behind those eyes, was something else entirely
The day that she faced her demise, brought with it something beautiful
She knew she’d spend eternity, getting revenge on all those who were guilty.

2 – No Remorse

The chatter at school the following day, would make you sick inside
No remorse was felt, amongst those girls, with whom the guilt should definitely reside
They said she was attention seeking, right up until the end
Always looking for someone to blame, because she truly had no friends.

Now Alice witnessed all this bile and listened carefully
Their words could no longer cause her pain, of that she was truly grateful
And the more they spread their vicious words, she knew her choice was clear
She would haunt every single last one of them, until they knew what it meant to feel true fear.

3 – Ashley Cooper

First on her list, was possibly the worst and her name was Ashley Cooper
She spent every night, cooped up inside, chatting online to her band of adoring groupies
She led the gang, of the cruellest girls, you’d ever be unlucky enough to meet
So Alice knew, she’d start with her and waited patiently on her street.

The clock struck 8, she looked above and saw the glow from Ashley’s window
She floated up, a ghostly figure and cast a daunting shadow
Soon Ashley saw, something not right, in her peripheral vision
She got up to go and investigate, unaware of the menacing apparition.

No sooner had she reached the glass, when Alice made her entrance
Getting such a shock, Ashley tripped and fell, feeling Alice’s menace
She looked up horrified and scared, no doubt in her mind who she was seeing
No words escaped those poisoned lips, her only thoughts were of fleeing.

“You have to pay for what you’ve done, surely you must know that?”
Were the words that Alice projected out, directly at the brat
Ashley’s mouth was dry, she felt quite sick, trying to believe what she was hearing
“You can’t be here, this isn’t real!”, her eyes were wide and tearing.

“Oh trust me dear, I am quite real and surely you remember me”
She pushed her fist, into her chest, as a chilling sensation filled Ashley
“You have to realise the pain you caused and take on board the blame”
Ashley crawled away, eyes filled with fear but not one hint of shame.

“Don’t blame me for what’s happened, I have done nothing wrong”
So she still thought she was innocent, still singing that same song
With a force so strong, it shook the house, Alice vented all her wrath
Ashley’s screams could be heard, for miles around, along with apologies and gasps.

“I’m sorry, please, stop doing this, I never meant to hurt you!”
Were the words she now truly believed, but were sadly way overdue
“I didn’t realise the pain I caused, I feel it now, oh please just stop”
As Alice poured all the misery and pain into her heart, a savage onslaught.

When finally she relented and allowed Ashley to speak
She was sobbing, full of guilt and fear, drained and feeling weak
“I can’t believe, we were the one’s, who made you feel this way”
“I promise you, I’ll never make another feel like that, I swear”.

Alice knew she spoke the truth, as she could see into her heart
She’d know if she was lying, as she had been at the start
“I’ll leave you be for now Ashley but one thing I will make clear”
“If you bully anyone, ever again, I’ll make you live a life of constant fear!”

She floated through the window, glancing back at her enemy
The pathetic form, who once was strong, now lay sobbing, full of grief
Her deed was done, for now at least, she hoped that it would last
And if she heard, she’d been unkind, she’d be back with all her wrath.

4 – Tracey Cunningham

When Alice left, she felt bereft of some of the feelings she had hidden
All the hate and hurt, she’d carried around, could finally be forgiven
As she mentally scored Ashley off her list, she turned her thoughts to Tracey
She had to be the next in line, for she was just as nasty.

She made her way to Tracey’s house and was pleased that she was home
Up she went, just like before, to cast her ghostly shadow
Tracey jumped, unable to move, when she saw the sight of Alice there
She tried to run but did not get far, before she felt Alice clutch her hair.

“What’s going on, I don’t understand, please what’s happening?”
The fear that dripped from every word, made Alice want to sing
So many years, she’d lived in fear, of Tracey’s taunts and gossip
Now the turn was hers, to inflict anguish, just as she had promised.

“You have to learn, you have to pay, for all your hateful words!”
Tracey’s eyes were wide, with shock however Alice knew she did not feel remorse
So once again, she reached her hand and pushed straight into Tracey’s heart
She felt the hatred and lack of guilt, so she knew what she must impart.

The storm that raged around the walls, would bring anyone to their knees
As Tracey screamed and called out loud, her pointless needless pleas
Alice let her feel, every single emotion, that she felt right up until she died
When eventually Tracey screamed no more, a look of horror in her eyes.

“Oh my god, what I have done, did I truly cause you this much pain?”
She sobbed and wept, filled with guilt and regret until she found her voice again
“I’ll never forgive myself, for what I’ve done, oh please accept my apologies”
Alice knew once again, the words were true, that Tracey was truly sorry.

“I’ll tell you now, if I ever hear, that you have been unkind to anyone”
“I’ll haunt you till the day you die”, she said these words with venom
The look of horror in Tracey’s eyes, was enough to reassure her
This girl would be a bully no more, she was overcome with fear.

“I’ll leave you now but heed my words, I’ll always be watching you”
“I promise, oh I promise, please believe me, what I say is true”
As Alice looked into the bullies heart, she knew she meant what she was saying
So she left again, knowing she had laid to rest, yet another demon.

5 – Diane Johnston

Two down and one to go, Alice felt an impending sense of peace
She knew if she could succeed, she would eventually find release
So as she scored another name, from her haunting list
She turned her mind to Diane, oh she was going to enjoy this.

Diane was not at home, she was still walking through the park
It couldn’t have been more perfect, alone there in the dark
As Alice approached her stealthily, she saw Diane actually jump
She turned around and tried to make a sound but nothing would come out.

“Hi Diane, remember me, the one you always felt deserving”
“Of your constant poisoned words, now it’s you who will be receiving”
Diane’s eyes went wide, yet she couldn’t hide, the nasty thoughts inside her
So once again, Alice reached within and gripped her heart in fear.

She knew she felt uneasy, she knew that she felt scared
But she did not feel any remorse or guilt, so Alice got prepared
She wasn’t sure of the affect she’d have, right out her in the open
But she let the storm build once again and soon the energy was flowing.

Thankfully Diane did not scream, she fell down to the ground
Gasping, moaning, desperate sounds, escaped that bitter mouth
“Oh god, Oh no, it can’t be so, we surely didn’t cause this?”
But soon the realisation was apparent, when her eyes began to mist.

“Oh Alice, please forgive me, what a monster I have been!”
“If only we had realised, all this pain and misery, I’ve now seen”
Alice looked into the once heart of stone and saw it filled with truth
She knew that she had once again, made them realise they were deserving of this reproof.

“You may have realised now, the damage that you caused”
“But if I ever see you use your words, to cause another to feel worthless”
“I’ll haunt you so, you’ll have no life, you’ll wish to be as dead as me”
Diane nodded with acceptance, she could eventually now see.

“I promise, god I promise, I’ll never be that way again”
“I don’t how I’ll be able to live with myself, for causing you so much pain”
The deed was done, this was the last one, so Alice knew that she could leave
“Remember me, all that I was and how you made me feel!”

6 – Peace For Alice

Alice got as far as the river, before she felt her body rise
She knew that she no longer carried all the pain, at the time of her demise
Her mind could now remember, all the goodness in her life
As she made her way to heaven, her face displayed a smile.

For Alice was finally at rest.

The End


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