A Story in Poems: Deceit


1 – Bad Liar

He was never good at lying, although he thought he was
His eyes would give the game away, long before his words
She eyed him with suspicion, when another tale was being told
She knew that he was lying but was not prepared for what would unfold.

2 – Denial

She almost felt like laughing, at his pathetic attempt to deny
His blatant infidelity, when she had the facts right in her hand
Watching him squirm and stutter, his practised explanation
As if she had been blind, to the nauseating flirtation.

3 – Confrontation 

She let him finish his performance, dig his hole deeper in the ground
And when finally he was finished, she produced the pictures, feeling proud
That for once it was not only her paranoia, she had to back up her accusations
This time she had physical proof, of his sordid assignations.

4 – Silenced

Oh his face, it was a picture, positively glowing with embarrassment
There was no way that he could deny it, although she wouldn’t put it past his arrogance
As he then tried to speak to her, she raised her hand to silence him
She didn’t need to hear his excuses, as her patience was wearing thin.

5 – Reaction

What happened next was unexpected, she truly hadn’t planned for this
His rage was really quite sudden, she barely had time to dodge his fist
Only he stumbled in his attempt, to knock some sense into her
And whacked his great thick skull, off the table, in what was a blur!

6 – Demise

She felt like she was dreaming, staring down at his bleeding skull
The only thought going through her head was, he better not stain the rug
The realisation he was dead, hit her like the thrown punch that had missed
Oh what a divine intervention, he died as a result of his own fists.

7 – Funeral

For a short time she was of course, a suspect but thankfully cleared without charge
The authorities were soon able to work out, that the death had not been at her hand
At the funeral she was the happiest widow, that you could ever meet
So please learn from this dear readers, karma will find you, if you are a cheat!

The End

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