In the Dead of Night

In the dead of night
when most are sleeping
her deadly harmonies
drift on evil winds.

Haunting melodies urge
wickedness forward
to claim the souls
of any left stranded.

They appear, demented,
by her satanic tune
sin crazed creatures
controlled by music.

Their bodies contort
in misshapen movement
jacked-up on hunger
desperate to feed.

If you find yourself
caught in the dark
keep your head low,
breath held tight

wait for dawn to come
when they crawl below
to the cursed depths
of hell they call home

until the moon returns
and she sings once more
then they’ll rise again
seeking souls to devour.

~The H Word~

#NaPoWriMo2020 Day24

Killing Time

What doesn’t kill you
makes you stronger.
A new superpower
to the sacrificed herd.
Or, better still
call them heroes, instead—
our essential front-line
left unprotected and blind
to get on with it all.
No-ones asking
for heroes
or super-fucking-powers.
Just a fighting chance,
enough ventilators
(and masks).
Society’s clutching
its last strand of sanity,
ripped out at the roots
in frustrated rage.
Reality? Should have
its license revoked,
along with the jokers
calling the shots.
I’ve seen horror movies
offer more hope.
Humanity reveals
its tainted underside
reckless protesters
assemble to give
ignorance a chance.
Vague regulations
social distance resistance
encourages the selfish
who couldn’t care less
about the widows they make
for freedom’s sake.
Pandemonium weakens
to washed-out dismay.
Astonishment fades
to shady complacency.
Take a bite of the news,
try and swallow the bile
acerbic indigestion
a bitter reward
for your time.
Truth’s an alien concept
to the trusted elected.
High-born sociopaths
(or game-show hosts)
play with thousands
of lives, the stakes
have never been higher.
It’s no witty affair
when empathy’s scarce.
So, take yourself for a walk
your once-a-day jaunt.
Mind, set a brisk pace
keep depression
at bay, for a while.
It’s killing time.
#NaPoWriMo2020 #Day19

It’s Time

a - it's time.jpg

There’s a staggering level of ignorance
amongst the powers that be
at least that’s the excuse I make for them
how else to explain their greed?
They’re told in facts what’s happening
yet they fail to comprehend
their riches and inflated ideas
won’t help them to survive.

Too much value placed in standing still
too much money thrown into the wind
too much too-muchness all around
it won’t matter in the end.

When wasteland stretches far and wide
will they still deny to save their pride?
When ashes fill their swollen mouths
will they still refuse to realise
the time is now to take a stance
the time is now to make a difference
the time is now to save their home
the only one worth investing in

without the earth beneath our feet
your bricks and mortar mean nothing

the time is now it’s running out
don’t wait until it’s far too late 

it’s time
for us all
to act.

#NaPoWriMo #Day21


a - trapped2.gif

Fettered feet raw and bloody
slide along rough concrete floor.
Sprawling crimson tide surrendered
chains claw flesh away from bone.

Footprints mark dark impressions
blurred reminders swirled in pain.
Agonising gait moves forward
determination shuddering. 

Metallic screeches drawing closer
rasping breath scraping lung.
Taste of terror bile filled fury
boils your gut burning horror. 

Time waits holding prisoner
escape a distant memory.
Tears spilled fall in earnest
pooling round dead man’s feet.

#NaPoWriMo #Day2

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Twisted Fury

a - blackthorn.jpg

Twisted Fury

Hatred drips off every tongue
a vicious bile, spilled forth until
believed then spreads like spores of death,
intoxicated mould on breath.

The chatter chills and freezes hearts,
to kill, the only action left.
Pile high the blackthorn pyre,
light the damning fire.

Licking flames char flesh and bone,
souls ignite in screeching horror.
Ignore the brutal stench of ill,
swallow down the bitter pill.

Ashes mark the wicked skin
of those whose sin is darker still.
Blackened thorns of twisted fury
will be remembered here.

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Run, now!


a - run nowBreathe in, breathe out, 
don’t scream or shout,
be quiet, still,
don’t move, until
you have to, then
you run like hell,
imagining all kinds
of terror.
He’s coming
now, he’s right
behind, please don’t
give in to fear
or fright, run now
fast as you can go,
don’t look behind
or down below,
he’ll catch you if
you steal a glance,
but if you run
you stand a chance.
So run!

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Dying to Meet You


a - dying to meet you.jpg

I feel you crawling on my skin,
dread and unease build deep within.
My eyes feel like they’re made of glass,
will shatter if they move too fast.
My tongue has lost all sense of speech,
and wallows there swollen and beached.
I need to scream, I need to cry,
I need to run, but don’t know why,
my legs remain fastened in place.
I feel your breath upon my face.
My heart beat sounds so far away.
I know that I will die this day,
so I do.

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One Windy Night


a - one windy night.gif

The whispering wind began to scream
piercing through the night.
The crippled trees swung to and fro
longing to be upright.
I heard his footsteps one by one
tapping on the ground.
Slow at first then they sped up
I warily turned around.
My tongue became redundant
my screams could not be heard
my legs, useless appendages
unable to move forward.
The last thing I remember
was the colour of his skin
white as alabaster
cold as icy wind.

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Wise Words


a - wise words.gif

When darkness falls they come alive,
crawling from the shadows.
One purpose on their mind,
to feed.

They are driven by thirst,
fuelled by need,
and when it comes to take
a life,
they are overcome with

The best thing you can do
is to lock up all your doors.
Ensure you’ve closed your
and then hide beneath the

Never try to find them,
never let them in.
No matter what they tell you,
they’ll never let you win.

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