Fear Not My Darling

We wait together, you and I

as night falls, light dies, extinguished

day’s death never grieves us

illuminated in moon’s torchlight

we navigate night’s crippling darkness

find shelter in its blank canvas

and feast on fear, you and I

swallow bitter disappointment until

satisfied enough to try again.

~The H Word~

Demon Dancer

Like a prima pirouetting,
tip-toed en-point perfection,
each step revealing devastation
caused by her damned hand.

Feather-footed she performs
dancing deep in crimson pools
hate-spilled blood reflecting piles
of corpses scattered, far and wide.

Devil’s muse, she most desires
chaos raining down on earth
declaring time on numbered days
announcing they are gone.

Eyes like twins from Hades seed
cast around before she leaves
a trail of red, a signature
to show that she was here.

One last breath of hell-fire heat
and finally, she disappears.
Destruction is her calling card
and death her parting gift.

In the Dead of Night

In the dead of night
when most are sleeping
her deadly harmonies
drift on evil winds.

Haunting melodies urge
wickedness forward
to claim the souls
of any left stranded.

They appear, demented,
by her satanic tune
sin crazed creatures
controlled by music.

Their bodies contort
in misshapen movement
jacked-up on hunger
desperate to feed.

If you find yourself
caught in the dark
keep your head low,
breath held tight

wait for dawn to come
when they crawl below
to the cursed depths
of hell they call home

until the moon returns
and she sings once more
then they’ll rise again
seeking souls to devour.

~The H Word~

#NaPoWriMo2020 Day24

Killing Time

What doesn’t kill you
makes you stronger.
A new superpower
to the sacrificed herd.
Or, better still
call them heroes, instead—
our essential front-line
left unprotected and blind
to get on with it all.
No-ones asking
for heroes
or super-fucking-powers.
Just a fighting chance,
enough ventilators
(and masks).
Society’s clutching
its last strand of sanity,
ripped out at the roots
in frustrated rage.
Reality? Should have
its license revoked,
along with the jokers
calling the shots.
I’ve seen horror movies
offer more hope.
Humanity reveals
its tainted underside
reckless protesters
assemble to give
ignorance a chance.
Vague regulations
social distance resistance
encourages the selfish
who couldn’t care less
about the widows they make
for freedom’s sake.
Pandemonium weakens
to washed-out dismay.
Astonishment fades
to shady complacency.
Take a bite of the news,
try and swallow the bile
acerbic indigestion
a bitter reward
for your time.
Truth’s an alien concept
to the trusted elected.
High-born sociopaths
(or game-show hosts)
play with thousands
of lives, the stakes
have never been higher.
It’s no witty affair
when empathy’s scarce.
So, take yourself for a walk
your once-a-day jaunt.
Mind, set a brisk pace
keep depression
at bay, for a while.
It’s killing time.
#NaPoWriMo2020 #Day19

Damned Company

Once again
it’s 3 am,
I’m hanging
out with spirits.

The kind who roam
and cannot rest,
we share a lot
in common.

Ghouls and nightmares
slouch seductively
searching for a soul
to cling to.

Not tonight
my freakish friends.
Tonight, I join
the damned.

#NaPoWriMo2020 #Day9


I’ve tried to find
the light switch
the one inside
my head.
I’m drowning
in this darkness
inhaling my last breaths.

I stumble, fumble forwards
then stagger, tumble back.

That switch is always
out of reach
a fingertip away
from me
so, the darkness
keeps its hold
for now, for the moment
I must yield.

I’ll try again tomorrow
to find the light I need.

#NaPoWriMo2020 #Day5

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