I would worry too much about the outside
the parts I could not see or feel
except in reflection
these bothered me often.

I am learning to be more concerned
with parts of me that stand a chance
of nurturing and challenging
the parts I hold within.

My mind is calmer than before
my heart is healing bit by bit
my soul is slowly smoothing out
my ruffled edges flatten.

I dare not think I’ve won this fight
I dare not think I have the right
to happiness but I at least address
the possibility, for me.

~The H Word~


I may not be the girl I was
when I look into the mirror.

I may not be the girl I was
when I wish I could be thinner.

I may not be the girl I was
when responsibilities were few.

I may not be the girl I was
I am so much more

in every way
I’ve grown
still do
each day

I will never be the girl I was
and I no longer wish to be.

~The H Word~

Love Yourself

a - love yourself

I grew up thinking I took up too much space.
Apologising, minimising, denying my body what it needs.
I was never tall enough, short enough, thin enough, fit enough,
I was just never enough.
I painted my face pretty colours, filled in the cracks, like I’m supposed to.
Doctored photographs screamed judgment,
displayed in shiny magazines of hate.  Self-hate.
By the time you get to a place where all the falsehoods have a name,
it’s too late.  The damage is done.  The damage is done.
So, I say to you my precious one, you are enough,
more than enough, if enough was enough you’d still be more.
Don’t compare or allow others to compare you.
Be thankful and patient with the body you were born into.
Love yourself.  You are loved.  Love yourself.

#NaPoWriMo #Day2

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a - self love

Pressure to be perfect
in the eye of the
Imperfect illusion,
warped, reflective
Your perfection is
all you are now is
Let’s stop this callous
be the generation of

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a - changes2.jpg

There have been changes
both on the outside
and within.
I can’t ignore them
or even deny,
I may not like them
or understand why.
But I’m learning to accept,
at least I’m trying to 
not let them define me
and all that I do.
There have been changes
but the choice is mine
whether I let them win.

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Accept More


a - accept more

I may not fit your way of thinking
in any shape or form.
I may outweigh your ideology
by refusing to conform.
But that doesn’t mean that I
should change the way I am
to comfort you and your point of view
be more accepting, if you can.

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