Cellular Malfunction (with audio)

My grey matter is like chewing gum
that’s lost its flavour. Useless.
I want to pluck it out and stick it
to the underside of my desk
in defiance. Not that I ever
did that, you understand,
that’s disgusting behaviour
(don’t think badly of me,
I do enough of that). This brain
that is no brain is driving me
crazy. It won’t work like it’s
supposed to. It won’t think
like I need it to. Maybe that’s
the problem. I’m expecting
too much from this tired brain
of mine. I’ve never been an over-achiever,
a Brainiac, a high-flyer, what right
do I have expecting it to perform
for me now? Performance.
That’s what this is. I’m playing
a part that was never mine
to have. A fraudster. That’s
what I am. Pretending to be
something I’m not. Just give up.
Oh, so now you have something
to say? Pipe down brain.
Not today.

~The H Word~


Just mop the damn floor…

It feels wrong to close curtains
on rare winter sun, so I don’t
but must admit to resenting
how it highlights the cleaning
I should’ve done but have not.
I know it’s not the sun’s fault
but forgiveness proves difficult
when presented with flaws  
hidden in shadows all winter
long. There’s an easy solution,
take duster and mop and clean
up all that bothers, but easy
has never been an option.
A penchant for suffering
has always been my problem.

~The H Word~


No-one tells you how it is.
How it truly is. This
motherhood business.
It’s all sleepless nights,
terrible twos, teenage angst
and empty nest, they warn
you of. No-one mentions
the guilt. The constant
worry. The searching
of faces for signs they
are happy, or not. I do
this last one, a lot.
They think I’m annoying.
Sigh in frustration
at my maternal questioning
‘Is everything alright?’
But I cant help myself.
Petrified I’ll miss
something important,
some crestfallen moment,
some revealing expression.
How could I forgive myself?
No-one warned me of this.
So, now I warn you.

~The H Word~

Lack of Notice

I’m not sure when I lost you.
There was no defining moment,
no grand departure, just absence
apparent after you were gone.
No goodbye, no get out of my life
but you got out, regardless
and I don’t know what’s more sad,
you being gone or neither of us
noticing until now.

~The H Word~

Headlines and By-Lines (A Found Poem)

Using headlines and by-lines found on an internet search of newspaper stories on 1st October 2021 in response to the Police guidelines following the conviction of Sarah Everard’s killer.

People stopped by lone officer could
wave down a bus, says Met.
Minister speaks of devastating blow
as Scotland Yard suggests actions
to take if feeling unsafe.
Make tackling violence against women
a police priority, says victim’s tsar.
Vera Baird calls for greater resources
and urgency after sentencing
of Sarah Everard’s killer.
I feel like I am not safe with anyone:
locals speak out after Sarah Everard revelations.
Women interviewed on Poynders Road in Clapham
say the case has shattered their trust in police.
Sarah Everard: PSNI working violence against women strategy.
The Police Service of Northern Ireland has said
it is working on its first violence against women
and girls (VAWG) strategy.
Women told to ring 999 or wave down a bus
if they have doubts about lone male officers.
Kit Malthouse, the policing minister, said
Wayne Couzen’s murder of Sarah Everard
had very profound implications for the Met.
Sarah Everard news – latest: Outrage at police
advice as ex-Met chief says Dick
must take responsibility.
Sarah Everard murder: Shout out to a passer-by
or wave a bus down – Met issues
guidance to those concerned by lone officers.
Sarah Everard was captured on a London bus’
CCTV talking to Wayne Couzens before he
handcuffed and falsely arrested her then put her
in his car before raping and murdering her.
GMP gives advice for women who are stopped
by a male officer after Sarah Everard murder.
Wayne Couzens has been jailed for life
for murdering Sarah Everard.
Give Me Strength – People are furious
with Met’s safety advice for women.
Met police say women should ask questions
and shout out to passer-by if they fear
for their safety when stopped by lone officer.
Authority also suggested asking to use their radio
to verify you are with a genuine officer.
After Sarah’s murder, I’ll never know whether
a policeman is there to help me or hurt me.
Women tell how Sarah Everard’s killing
has greatly affected their trust in the police
forces who are supposed to be keeping them safe.

~The H Word~

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Reality is a Construct

Have you ever watched footage
of a building being demolished?
The speed at which it falls.
How quickly it becomes nothing
more than dust and rubble.
Yet in its creation, the building
up from foundations, that takes
time, effort and consideration.
It’s the same with people.
Take time to elevate
rather than detonate.
Your words have more power
than you know.

~The H Word~

Barefaced cheek if you know what I mean…

This man’s world (not all men but definitely those men)
that we’re living in, may have changed for the better
over the years but a helluva lot is still needing to change.
A gander on social media shows what I’m talking about.
Grown-ass men harassing females for simply existing.

The audacity!

Telling them, boldly, by being online, they are asking for it:
it being male attention whether they want it or not.
To meander alongside this abhorrent misogyny 
leaves you nauseous and livid, reduced faith in huMANity
in this man’s world (not all men but definitely those men)
that we’re living in.

~The H Word~

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