Poems with Audio

A selection of poems with audio recordings

Poems with Audio

Tomorrow is always another day (with audio)

“Each morning arrives like clockwork; / lightened with love the sky opens up, / offers new hope like candy, take a handful, / stuff pockets with endless possibility. / It’s no-one’s fault we tend to waste it.”

Cellular Malfunction (with audio)

My grey matter is like chewing gumthat’s lost its flavour. Useless.I want to pluck it out and stick itto the underside of my deskin defiance. Not that I everdid that, you understand, that’s disgusting behaviour(don’t think badly of me,I do enough of that). This brainthat is no brain is driving mecrazy. It won’t work like…

It’s not what you say, it’s the way that you say it… (with audio)

I’m like cracked vinyl, apparentlybroken repetition at high volumeyet never heard, allegedlyor so I’m told, so they say. I’d love nothing more than to be a continuous symphony played digitally, never skipping, never repeating, only ever bringing enjoyment and satisfaction to all who listen but nobody listens,my needle-scratched surfacecatches on everyone’s last nerveincluding my own.…

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