Abnormal Behaviour

What is normal, anyway?

A series of habits repeated?

Inherited actions passed
down through generations
until someone questions
and chooses another way?

A preconceived description
of a living thing or object?

How many synchronised
actions justify the definition,

Who decides the characteristics
that best define the benchmark
we should all adhere to?

Is our primary desire
really the need to conform?

Or is it sheep mentality?
If enough people do it,
say it, live it, it must be
the right way for me?

Why does my normal
have to be your normal
have to be their normal
have to be anyone’s normal?

Why does your normal
have to apply to me?

Why can’t we all just
exist in perpetual,
glorious abnormality?

Me appreciating you
You appreciating me.

Contented individuality.

~The H Word~

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