A little thought …

I don’t mean to offend with this poem, that’s the last thing I want to do. However, I’ve wanted to write this for a few weeks now. Most people mean no harm, in fact, they are mostly laughing at themselves, rather than others, however, I wrote this to highlight how certain posts are making some of us feel on a daily basis — and it sucks.

These are my thoughts but I know others have been feeling the same. I understand gaining weight has always been viewed in a negative way; the butt of many jokes and insults. There has been progress over the years regarding how we talk about weight, big or small, but as recent weeks have shown, there’s not been nearly enough.

As a plus-size person, no, as a fat person (yes, fat does not have to be an insult, remember that) it’s uncomfortable witnessing people laughing at meme’s that basically imply your shape or size is a negative side-effect of lockdown and the worst thing that could happen—it’s hurtful. I get this is personal, that many people find them funny without any intention of shaming anyone. However, as this poem shows, whether intentional or not, this is how they are making us feel. 

A little thought…

It’s harmless, a joke, a way for folk
to cope with how different things
are in this new way of life, and
humour is needed during times
like this but before you share
that meme, consider what it means.

It just takes thought, nothing out
of the ordinary; empathy,
understanding, aren’t so hard.
When you post that funny showing
someone plus-sized for giggles & likes,
do you know how that feels when

everyone laughing is laughing at you
and the shape of your body
is there for all for ridicule?
Society won’t accept a larger body,
we’re constantly judged, fake concern
for our health but this damaging

incessant fat-shaming is exhausting.
All we need is consideration, folk
are being hurt by hilarious jibes
how we’re your worse-case scenario—
this is someone elses reality.
If you think gaining weight

is the worst that could happen
do you fully realise what is going
on in the world? Hate the shape
of our bodies if you must, just don’t
expect us to do the same.  All we
ask is you think before posting

that ‘weight’ pic, joking you’re gonna
be so fat, there is more troubling
things than that. Like, this virus
might kill you or someone you love.
Wipe out entire generations, altering
how we live our lives. When you

compare it to that is weight-gain
really so bad? I understand, for you
it may be a worry, if so please take
care and look after you but don’t bring
others down by fuelling the hurt, implying
looking like us is the worst possible thing.

If we learn anything from this awful
situation let it be knowing what truly
matters and kindness and compassion
should be top of that list. As should
not shaming others for the way that
they look. It just takes a little thought.

~The H Word~

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