Memories of Him

a - memories of him

She looked upon their sunlit faces,
joy apparent, no hint or trace,
of heartbreak there, no longing pain,
to make them hurt, again and again.

She envied them, with their unknowing smiles,
and tried to recall, happier times,
when her heart had been light and so carefree,
now filled with hurt and misery.

A tear trickled down her cheek, just one,
in remembrance of him, of whom she could not speak,
without feeling a thousand knives, stab into her heart,
if only she could turn back time, to the very start.

Would she walk away, knowing what would come,
would she have forsaken joyous days in the sun,
to avoid the pain that had become her life,
or would she still have chosen to become his wife?

She needn’t answer, for she knew the truth,
she would do it all again, just to feel true love,
even knowing the horror of having it taken away,
there were no regrets, even to this day.

And so she looked upon their sunlit faces,
recognising joy, no longer out of place,
she may know heartbreak they could never imagine,
but the memories of him could never be forgotten.

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