A Story in Poems: Horror


Chapter One – Scared

I don’t quite know what’s happening
The noises come at night
And whilst no-one else can hear them
They give me an awful fright
I’m scared.

Chapter Two – Alone

Another week of sleeplessness
Another week of fear
Another week where no-one believes
The noises that I hear
Please believe me.

Chapter Three – Feeling 

Last night something was different
I could feel as well as hear
Something held onto my hand
Whilst whispering in my ear
I don’t like it.

Chapter Four – Worried 

My mum she seems quite worried
That something is wrong with me
She knows that I’m not sleeping
But doesn’t see the things I see
I wish someone could.

Chapter Five – Fear

Last night I couldn’t stop screaming
For hours and hours on end
The fear was overwhelming
There’s no way I could pretend
I’m petrified.

Chapter Six – Connected

Oh please, won’t someone help me
It’s still here with me now
It doesn’t wait until night-time
It’s connected to me somehow
I can’t escape.

Chapter Seven – Hurt 

The things that it is saying
Make me want to cry
I don’t want to hurt anybody
Or for anyone to die
Leave me alone.

Chapter Eight – Visitor

Mum has got a visitor
He’s dressed in black and white
She says that he can help me
It really doesn’t like the sight
Of him.

Chapter Nine – Cross 

The man is speaking funny
Saying things holding a cross
The thing beside me is screaming
It’s making my mouth start to froth
It hurts.

Chapter Ten – Pain

The pain is overwhelming
Like something is tearing me
I don’t think I can stand it
At least now they do believe
Something is wrong. 

Chapter Eleven – Inside

Everything is spinning
This voice is not my own
The thing is now inside me
Making me scream and moan
Get it out!

Chapter Twelve- Anger 

The man is splashing water
All over me, it burns
The thing inside is cursing
Words I’d never say out loud
It’s angry.

Chapter Thirteen – Floating 

I’m floating in the air
Like a giant air balloon
The thing is being pulled out of me
I hope it leaves me soon
I’m tired.

Chapter Fourteen – Fall 

I fall onto the ground
It hurts but I’m not afraid
The thing inside is gone from me
It’s over, whatever game it played
I’m glad.

Chapter Fifteen – Leaving

Mum and Dad are sad now
They feel bad for not believing
I don’t blame them for what happened
I thank them we’re eventually leaving
This place. 

Chapter Sixteen – Happy 

We drive away in silence
I’m happier than I’ve ever been
I glance around, one last time
Smiling, as it can no longer frighten

The End



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