A Story in Poems: Captive


1 – Captive

This was never how she thought, her final days would be
Chained up like some forgotten prisoner, with no light that she could see
The stench of death surrounds her, reminding her of what was to come
She truly believed she would die here, never again to see the sun.

2 – Fear

The rattle of chains, the scraping of bone, the feeling of something cold
Her senses alert, her panic alive, thoughts racing about what would unfold
The hissing of breath, the strong smell of death, the madness was all around her
She prays now for death, an end to it all, every moment is filled with fear.

3 – Visitor

I know when he is coming, the fear rises in every part of my soul
I sense his dark demeanour, the air all around me becomes cold
The scraping of his footsteps, as they drag along the floor
I’m not sure if i can take this, I’m not strong enough for any more.

4 – Aftermath

It’s over, it’s over, it’s over
On a loop within my head
Numb and barely breathing
Wishing I were already dead.

I was sure this would be the last time
Thought my body would give in at last
But just as I almost drift away
He stopped, I could hear his rattling laugh.

“Until the next time, my darling”
His serpent tongue curled around the words
Oh please someone help me, or kill me
Take me away from this world.

5 – Hope

The days and nights are worthless, I know nothing now of time
I only know how many heartbeats, are in between each crime
Then suddenly I hear it, soft and barely there
A sound that’s not familiar, that I’ve never before heard down here.

I dare to lift my eyes up, knowing it could mean more fear
I’m sure I see a glimmer, a hint of light glowing near
Then closer still it’s shining, I dare to sit up and stare
As a face I do not recognise, appears from behind the glare.

6 – Rescue

Do not make a sound, I’ve come to rescue you
I warn you if he hears us, there will be nothing I can do
You know what Demon holds you, I would be no match for him
Take my hand and hold your breath, say your prayers within.

7 – Escape

We stumble through the darkness, the fear I can taste on my tongue
I dare not think of freedom, to have it be over before it’s begun
I hold his hand so tightly, petrified to be left behind
I follow every movement, feeling completely and utterly blind.

Just when I think I can walk no further, a light appears up ahead
He motions for me to hold still, with a movement of his head
Reaching into the opening, he pushes away the cover plate
Guides me up, towards the light and helps me to finally escape.

8 – Discovery

The noise from within the tunnel, will haunt me for the rest of my days
The tortured sound of a Demon, realising his prize had escaped
I would not stop running, until my body collapsed in a heap
Afraid he would come after us, taking me back to his keep.

9 – Gratitude

I could not find the words, to express all that I wanted to say
To this brave and selfless Demon, who had so skilfully stole me away
He would not share his name with me, he said that I need not know
He had saved me from my Captor, as my torture was evil to behold.

He said I would be safe now, as he could not come after me
Providing I stayed clear from places, where he could easily see
Armed with this information, he left me right there on the path
He wished me well, then disappeared, quite suddenly in a flash.

10 – Present

It’s now been 16 years, since my time in captivity
I try to lead a normal life, well as close to normality
As someone who bears a Demons scars, both inside and on her skin
Can manage in this journey of life, where I’m truly grateful for everything.

The End

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