She could be feeling her best, top of the world
Yet one comment or look, would send her crashing to the ground
With a thud of realisation, that she would never fit in
Too big for this world, where they only worship the thin. 

She would be feeling her lowest, bottom of the pile
When one comment or picture, could bring back that smile
With an explosion of understanding, she realised she didn’t have to fit in
She was perfect as she was, learning to be comfortable in her own skin. 

To everyone fighting their own battle, whether too fat or too thin
Ensure you surround yourself with the type of people, who will help you to win
By showing you EVERYONE deserves, to feel good in themselves
We don’t need to all come from the same mould, to feel love for ourselves. 

Instagram: @poemsbyhazelurquhart
Twitter: @Hazyfantazyfree
Facebook: P O E M S by HazelUrquhart

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