A boy, just a boy, yet to become the saviour of us all

The story will unfold, throughout the years within Hogwarts walls

The Dark Lord will return, something feared by all who remember

Years gone by, when people tried to avoid the dark surrender.


It will begin, a poor existence, with the muggles without a conscience

Then revelations, of wizard connections, from a hairy giant with a heart of gold

Then off he goes, to learn the magic, of what has been and what will come

He enters Hogwarts and quickly realises, this will now become his one true home.


Then the secrets are revealed, when the chamber is opened, students are scared, accusations are thrown

There comes a point, when even the boy, wonders if these terrible deeds, are his own

A useless wizard, who waxes lyrical, shows his true colours, at the hands of two brave students

They save poor Ginny, an innocent puppet, at the hands of sorcery, from Lord Voldemort.


The third year brings, more terrible things, the form of the Grim and Sirius Black

Who’s broken free from Azkaban, his one main goal, to murder Harry

The Dementors terrify, students are petrified but thankfully Lupin has a spell to rectify

In the end all becomes clear, Sirius is not to be feared, Harry has a parent again, someone to love and be his friend.


The Goblet of Fire, brings new students and terrible trials, Harry involved again, through no fault of his own

His friends take convincing but alas they end up on side and help him to battle, all the challenges he must face

The Dark Lord returns, using terrible force, poor Cedric’s demise, from being in the wrong place at the wrong time

Whilst Harry survives once again, it does not feel like a win in the end, souls are heavy with despair, they now know the fight that lies ahead.


And so onto the Fifth, Order is required, will the Phoenix rise again, from the terrible fire

For once He Who Shall Not Be Named, doesn’t feel the brunt of our hate, it is a loathsome specimen, in the form of a woman in pink

She sets rules upon rules, to try and bring order to Hogwarts but thankfully the trio we love, overcome her rule and prevail

Yet again we are left bereft, as Sirius floats off into the archway, Harry is left without family once again, as he embarks onto the next chapter.


The Half Blood Prince, brings us Ron’s first kiss, yet this is not meant to last, as we know Hermione has his heart

Horcruxes are sought by Dumbledore in secret and will cause him great harm but no one will know of this horror

Except Snape who must act, the most terrible of all, he’ll cast the most unforgivable of spells, sending Dumbledore to his fall

And Harry, Ron and Hermione, will accept the fate passed to them, they must search for the remaining pieces of soul, as we move onto the end.


Deathly Hallows are revealed, to be true after all, as the  trio travel far and wide, to find the horcruxes wherever they may hide

Many people will be lost, in this terrible battle, we’ll mourn for their souls as we see the story unravel

Snape’s true purpose revealed, through his last dying tears, Harry goes to his fate, in the forest Voldemort awaits

Just when we think all is lost, the final battle commences, as good triumphs over evil, whilst we all hold our breaths.


Never has a story been told, that truly captures my heart, like the works of dear JK, her writing sets her apart

I am thankful always, for the tale she has told, as I am always welcomed, into the wizarding world.


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